Check these 5 German words before coming to Germany


You you check the meaning and pronunciation of these 5 words before you come to Germany, otherwise it can be really funny. Or embarassing.

  1. Tageshit [no shit, but the menu of the day]

This word has to be pronounced correctly as  it consists of two separate words Tag and hit which build a compound noun being linked with „es“. It does not mean what you probably might think. The meaning is menu of the day.

  1. dick [not a dick, but thick]

This word is pronounced exactly as the English version, but the meaning is different. In this case it is an ordinary word with a meaning of thick or overweight.

  1. hell [not a hell, but light or bright]

This word has also very similar pronunciation but a completely different meaning from the word hell – bright, light or pale.

  1. womit [not to vomit, but wherewith]

Another interesting word with similar pronunciation but a different meaning of wherewith or whereby.

  1. Fahrt [not to fart, but a journey]

This expression does not mean what some might think, but the meaning of this word is journey, trip, cruise or ride.